Exposition revision


This form is used to apply for approval or for notification (in case of indirect approval, or quivalent) of revision of CAME, CAE and MOE from organizations according to EASA Part-CAMO, Part-CAO and Part-145.
The form is also to be used by national organizations such as AUB and NLO for revision of  VHB.

How to submit a revision of the Exposition.

Revision of the exposition must consist of:

  • a completed form Exposition Revision (TSL7693) with the box for Application for approval or Changes not requiring prior approval.
  • If the exposition refers to descriptions of procedures in other manuals, for example Safety Manual or Corporate Manual etc, this (these) and its revision status must be stated in the form.
  • a complete exposition, including appendices, or;
  • only relevant appendix for revision of e.g. Certifying staff list or Capability list for Part-145.

    Remember that other referenced manuals shall also:
  • be listed in the operations manual, for example in List of effective pages,
    (current revision status only needs to be stated on the application form).

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