Agreement between Ukraine and EU concerning road transport

It is the Swedish Transport Agency's preliminary assessment that the agreement between Ukraine and EU only aims to ensure that road transport operators who carry out professional road transport of goods and who are established within the EU or Ukraine should not have to follow the number quotas for bilateral transport and transit transport previously negotiated in accordance with bilateral agreements.

This means that road transport operators do not need – and do not have to show – bilateral permits or transit permits when they carry out bilateral international transport or transit transport between Ukraine and Sweden.

On the other hand, the road transport operator must be able to show that the operator has permission to carry out professional road transport of goods. The latter requirement is necessary to be able to determine whether the carrier is really established in Ukraine and therefore covered by the agreement, see also the definition of road transport operator in Article 3.2 of the agreement.

EUR-Lex - 22022A0706(01) - EN - EUR-Lex (

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