Forms and relative procedures

The forms that shall be used for any skill test, proficiency check or assessment of competence performed on a Swedish licence holder are published on the Swedish Transport Agency’s website.

The forms, choose Aviation as Traffic Area and then click search.

Examiner declaration

All forms contain a checklist on page two (2) where you as an examiner will confirm that the applicant meets the applicable requirements. You will also verify this by signing the appropriate box. This signature meets the requirements for declaration according to FCL.1030 b) 3) i) as well as the declaration that you have read and understood the national information as required by FCL.1015c). On the first page of the form, if necessary, the head of training will have signed off that the required training has been completed. However, it should be emphasized that you have the responsibility to review any required training to ensure that it meets the applicable Part-FCL requirements. If the applicant does not meet all the applicable requirements the proficiency check or skill test shall be discontinued and the Swedish Transport Agency notified.