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The Swedish Transport Agency handles issues concerning train driver's licence. You can contact us about application, withdrawal, health checks, lost/destroyed licences and registers. We also supervise issues concerning the railway undertakings' liability to train drivers. On these pages you can read more about train drivers and train driver licences.

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Train driver's licence

As a train driver, you need a train driver's licence and a complementary certificate, which proves that you meet certain minimum requirements to work as a train driver. The certificate is issued by the Swedish Transport Agency and is valid throughout the EU. Rolling stock and infrastructure are regulated by the complementary certificate issued by railway undertakings. When the requirements in the train driver's licence are no longer met, we will withdraw your train driver's licence. You are responsible for notifying the Swedish Transport Agency if you want your train driver's licence to be withdrawn, for example in the event of retirement or if you get another job.

Health checks and service

The Swedish Transport Agency keeps and updates registers of train drivers' licences. The results of you regular health check should be sent to us.
We will also help you if your train driver's licence is lost, if you change your name or if you have lost your invoice for the annual fee for keeping registers.

Report lost, destroyed or stolen driver's licence (in Swedish)

Training centres and examiners

Train driver training may be conducted by anyone who has permission from us to do so. There are both railway undertakings and other types of trainers who carry out these trainings and examinations.

Education providers and examiners with valid permits (in Swedish)

Complementary certificate

Before you can start working as a train driver, you must have a complementary certificate in addition to the train driver's licence. The certificate is issued by the railway undertaking or infrastructure manager you work for.

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