VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds

Requirements for vapor recovery systems for volatile organic compounds (VOC) were introduced in Sweden as a condition for loading and unloading volatile products to and from ships when MARPOL, Annex VI, entered into force (19 May 2005).

The vapor recovery system shall meet the safety standards in MSC/Circ.585.

As of 1st of July 2010 tankers certified for carrying crude oil is obliged to have a VOC management plan approved by the administration. The plan shall meet the requirements of resolution  MEPC 185(59)and:

  1. Contain routines to minimize VOC emissions during loading, voyage and discharge.
  2. Consider additional VOC emanating due to COW.
  3. State who is responsible for implementing the plan, and
  4. For vessels on international voyages be written on their working language and either in English, French or Spanish.

Further technical information can be achieved in MEPC/Circ.680 and MEPC/Circ.719.

The regulations are incorporated in Sweden through TSFS 2010:96, chap. 13.