Hours and amounts in Gothenburg

Congestion tax is charged during fixed hours for vehicles driving into and out of Gothenburg.

The maximum amount per day and vehicle is 60 SEK.

The tax is not charged on public holidays, days before a public holiday and during the month of July. 

Hours and amounts for congestion tax in Gothenburg

Time Amount
06:00–06:29 SEK 9
06:30–06:59 SEK 16
07:00–07:59 SEK 22
08:00–08:29 SEK 16
08:30–14:59 SEK 9
15:00–15:29 SEK 16
15:30–16:59 SEK 22
17:00–17:59 SEK 16
18:00–18:29 SEK 9
18:30–05:59 SEK 0

The single charge rule

A single charge rule applies in Gothenburg. Under this rule, a vehicle that passes several tolling stations within 60 minutes is only taxed once. The amount that must be paid is the highest one.

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