Flight training and licensing

Here you will find information regarding Aircraft maintenance personell, Examiners and Briefing on Non-Swedish Examiners.

Covid-19 exemption(s) update

The Swedish Transport Agency has decided that no more general exemptions, as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic, will be granted after March 31 2021. There is, as usual, a possibility to apply for an individual exception in accordance with Article 71 in the Basic regulation.


Contact the licensing office

For the moment, we now have significantly longer processing times about 25 workingdays, than the normal about 10 working days for complete cases involving flight crew licence and ATCO certificates (not medicine).This is due to a high influx of cases in combination with a lack of resources.

We strive to reduce processing times as soon as possible. If it is difficult to ring us at telephone time, you have the opportunity to send an e-mail to our function mailbox. There the licensing officer continuously takes care of and responds to the messages that come to this box.

Licensing section, flight certificate - Here should be all questions regarding ongoing cases. Then refer to certificate number or case number (ex TSCERT2020-12234)


The Registry office - Here shall all documents that affect the certificate be sent to such as; skill test, ZFTT documentation, LIFUS, AOC, PC


Phone us at;

Phone number: +46 771 29 00 60 or +46 771 503 503

Phone hours: Monday - Wednesday  9 am - 11 am

New interpretation concerning crediting of theoretical knowledge

The Swedish Transport Agency has obtained a new interpretation concerning crediting of theoretical knowledge from EASA regarding the subject 090-Communications.

Publicerades 2023-06-26

Means of keeping ATPL/IR-theory valid with IR-privileges restricted to third-country aircrafts

Information concerning changes to means of maintaining ATPL/IR-theory for licence holders with IR-privileges restricted to third-country registered aircrafts.

Publicerades 2023-03-13

New interpretation of FCL.025 concerning the validity of ATPL-theory

Due to a new interpretation of FCL.025 in regulation (EU) 1178/2011, it will only be possible to obtain a CPL-licence during the initial 36 months after having completed an ATPL theoretical examination.

Publicerades 2023-03-10

Information regarding conversions of FAA certificates for aeroplane into Part-FCL licences

On 18 May 2021, a new agreement entered into force, Annex 3 to the BASA agreement, which enables conversions of private pilot licens for aeroplane (incl. SEP, MEP, Night and Instrument) for FAA licence holders.

Publicerades 2021-05-18