Pay on time

As the owner of the vehicle, you are responsible for making sure that the charge is paid on time even if you have not received a payment notice.

If the vehicle owner does not pay the charge on time, a late payment fee of SEK 300 will be added. If you still do not pay the charge, an additional fee of SEK 500 will also be charged.

If the owner of the vehicle has more than SEK 5,000 in payments owing in Sweden and at least six months have passed since the amount should have been paid, the vehicle may be banned from use.

Month 1

You drive past a control point and the number of times the vehicle passed a control point in month 1 are recorded.

Month 2

The decision on the amount payable for month 1 is decided and a payment slip is sent out at the end of month 2.

Month 3

The payment for month 1 must be in the account stated on  the invoice.