If you think that a tax decision regarding the congestion tax is wrong, you can appeal to the Swedish Tax Agency by letter or e-mail.

E-mail: fordon@skatteverket.se

Postal address:

Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket)
SE-701 87 Örebro

Your request for an appeal should include the following:

  • Registration number of the vehicle
  • The country in which the vehicle is registered
  • The invoice reference
  • Your name
  • The name of the owner of the vehicle if you are not the owner
  • Your address
  • The country in which you reside
  • Your e-mail
  • Your phone number
  • If your appeal is in regard to the congestion tax or the surcharge
  • The reason you are appealing against the decision

Appeals must be received by the Swedish Tax Agency no later than 60 days after the decision on the tax or the additional fee was made.
Taxes and any other charges incurred should be paid even if you appeal against a charging decision.