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It is possible for taxi drivers from other EEA-states (or Switzerland) to work in Sweden.

The professional role is to drive taxi-service vehicles. To be able to do this, you need a taxi driving license. A taxi driver can also perform transportation service for the old or disabled, school transport, commissioned transport, etc.

Establishment as a taxi driver in Sweden

To permanently work as taxi driver in Sweden you need to send an application to the Swedish Transport Agency. The application fee is 2700 SEK. When we asess your professional qualifications we need to compare your qualification to the requirements for taxi drivers in Sweden. Therefore you need to send the following documents:

  • a certified copy of your formal proof of professional qualification
  • a personal list of subject matter or other certificate from the educator. Such document has to have information of the content of your education/exam/training etc. It has to state if there are any requirements of education, training etc for the right to pursue the profession as taxi driver in your country.

If the taxi driver profession is not regulated in the country in which you are working, you should have worked fulltime as a taxi driver in an EEA-state or in Switzerland at least a year over the past ten years. If this applies to you then you need to send the following document:

  • a certificate showing your taxi driving experience. The certificate needs show for how long you have worked as a taxi driver, it you have worked full- or part time and who your employer was. You cannot certify the information in the certificate yourself.

When you have sent the documents mentioned above and paid the application fee we will start to asses your professional qualification. The recognition of them may be conditional on a compensatory measure (aptitude test or adaptation period). This means that you can do additional tests at the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket), or have a training period in a taxi company before you get your professional qualification recognized in full. You will not be granted a taxi driver license before your professional qualification has been recognized in full.

Additional requirements

The other requirements of a taxi driver license will be evaluated at the same time as your professional qualifications. The requirements are:

  • age (you must be at least 21 years old)
  • medical examination
  • suitability control of, for example, criminal records and
  • driving license for a certain time.

To fulfil these requirements you may need to send additional documents.

If you have not lived in Sweden for the last five years you need to send a certified copy of the equivalent to a police register extract from the country or countries you have been living in for the last five years.

If you have a foreign driving license you need to send a certified colour copy of your driving license (both sides). You must also submit a certificate from the issuing country's driving licence authority, which shows that the driving licence is valid and has not been cancelled in the past two years. This applies even if the applicant has a Swedish driving licence today but has changed from a foreign driving license in the last two years. Please note that you must be a citizen of an EEA-state country to be permitted to drive a taxi with a foreign driving license in Sweden. If you are not a citizen of an EEA-state you need to have Swedish driving license to be authorised to drive a taxi.

If your professional qualifications are recognized in full and if the other requirements are met, we will issue a taxi driving license to you. Once you have your taxi driver license you can take up employment as taxi driver in Sweden permanently.

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