Administrative fees for road transport operators

The Swedish legal system allows the use of several different penalties when infringements are detected at a roadside check. One of the more common penalties used is administrative fees.

Administrative fees are commonly used in situations when infringements are detected at a roadside check and the transport operator is established in another state than Sweden. In such situations, the control officer is obliged to collect an advance payment of the administrative fee. The truck may not proceed on its journey until the advanced payment has been made. Once payment has been made the vehicle may continue and the control officer will forward the case information to the Swedish Transport Agency who will investigate the case further.

During this investigation the Swedish Transport Agency will provide the transport operator with an opportunity to submit additional information or statements. When the investigation has been concluded, the Swedish Transport Agency will notify the transport operator of its final decision regarding the administrative fee.

Administrative fees for transport operators who cannot present the necessary transport documents

Transport operators who transport goods or persons for hire or reward have to make sure that the necessary documents, which fulfill the requirements for the transport in question, are kept on board the vehicle and can be presented at the request of any authorized control officer.  

As of 15 June 2022 transport operators will be penalized if they are unable to present the following required documents at a road-side check in Sweden:

  • Certified copy of the community license according to Regulation (EC) No 1072/2009
  • Driver attestation according to Regulation 1072/2009
  • Certified copy of the community license according to Regulation (EC) No 1073/2009
  • Copy of authorisation for regular traffic according to Regulation 1073/2009
  • Control documents (journey form for occasional traffic or cabotage operations, original or copy of contract regarding special regular services) according to Regulation 1073/2009
  • Waybill for occasional services exempted from authorisation according to the Interbus Agreement
  • Certified copy of license to undertake carriage by means of international occasional services by coach and bus according to the Interbus Agreement.
  • Authorisation for non-liberalized occasional services according to the Interbus Agreement
  • ECMT-license
  • Bilateral permit
  • Special permit

The administrative fee for infringements of these requirements is 10 000 SEK.

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