Vehicles on islands

Vehicles located on small islands without a fixed link and with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants, shall be exempt from periodic motor vehicle inspection.

No application is required for the exemption, but in order to use the vehicle, the vehicle must have its registration activated, it must be insured and there must be no ban on the vehicle's use.

The vehicle will receive a driving ban in the Swedish traffic registry if that vehicle has not had a valid motor vehicle inspection. You as the owner of the vehicle will be sent home information regarding when the driving ban will commence. This driving ban does not apply if you have the vehicle on an island that meets the requirement regarding exemption.

Vehicles located on the islands listed below are not covered by the exemption:

  • Asperö
  • Brännö
  • Donsö
  • Dyrön
  • Holmön
  • Ingmarsö
  • Koster
  • Landsort
  • Möja
  • Nåttarö
  • Runmarö
  • Sandhamn
  • Sandön
  • Styrsö
  • Svartsö
  • Utö
  • Vrångö.

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