Motor vehicle inspection of passenger cars and lorries not exceeding 3,500 kg in total weight.

The inspection regulations were changed on 20 May 2018.

The vehicle is to be inspected

  • for the first time no later than 36 months after the month in which it was first licensed for use
  • for the second time no later than 24 months after the month of the first inspection
  • thereafter no later than 14 months after the month of its last inspection.

You can inspect a vehicle at any time, i.e., earlier than the above intervals, which specify the deadline for inspecting your vehicle. However, the time to the next inspection is always counted from the month in which the vehicle undergoes a motor vehicle inspection.

Some vehicles have received a new date for the next inspection, a date that is nearer in time. Therefore, please note that the date of the next inspection indicated in the latest inspection report may be incorrect, as that date is based on the old regulations that existed prior to 20 May 2018.

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