Motor vehicle inspection of heavy vehicles

The regulations regarding heavy vehicles have not changed with the introduction of the new inspection regulations.

Heavy vehicles such as passenger cars, lorries, buses and associated trailers, with a total weight of more than 3,500 kg, must be inspected for the first time within 12 months after the vehicle was first licensed for use. Thereafter, the vehicle must be inspected at the latest 12 months after the month of the last full motor vehicle inspection.

Example: If you are inspecting in April, the next inspection must take place no later than April the following year.

If the heavy vehicle is 50 years old or more, it may be exempt from inspection, although in order for the exemption to take effect, the vehicle must have had an approved and valid motor vehicle inspection within the last two calendar years. Read more about motor vehicle inspection of vehicles that are 50 years old or more.

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