Vehicle formerly registered in Sweden

Here you may find information on how to register a vehicle that has been registered in Sweden previously, in order to register the vehicle anew.

Do you own a vehicle that has been registered in Sweden previously and has been deregistered without leaving the country?

Or do you own a so-called veteran vehicle that you have restored to its original condition?

Here you may find some information on how to register these types of vehicles.

Enclose the following documents to your application

1. Application

You may either send us a signed confirmation of your application that you create using our e-service or an application form which you complete by hand. 

Please note that you should select the category ‘the vehicle was formerly registered in Sweden’ in your application for verification of origin.

2. A vehicle document

You should attach one of the following documents

  • the original registration certificate
  • a certified copy of the registration certificate issued, stamped and signed by Riksarkivet (the Swedish National Archives).

View some examples of vehicle documents for vehicles formerly registered in Sweden.

3. A purchase document

A copy of the purchase document, receipt or other document that proves how the vehicle came into your possession.

The purchase document should contain the following information

  • who the seller and the buyer are
  • what has been sold
  • the date of the sale

Please note that the vehicle identification number (chassis number) or other information specific to your vehicle should be stated on the purchase document.

Please note

Scrapped vehicles

The Swedish Transport Agency cannot approve applications for verification of origin for passenger cars or trucks under 3500 kilograms formerly registered in Sweden that have been scrapped with a certificate of destruction issued by a scrap firm as of the 1st of June 2007.

However, if a formerly registered vehicle has been scrapped with a certificate of destruction before the 1st of June 2007 and the vehicle is of a model year 30 years or older, there are no objections against an approval of the verification of origin.

Rebuilt or modified vehicles

If the vehicle has been rebuilt or modified and no longer conforms to its original design, the vehicle may instead be regarded as self-assembled.

These vehicles may require a certificate from the National Swedish Vehicle Builders’ Association (SFRO) or TESTA. Other documents may also be required to be attached to the application for verification of origin.

If you would like more information regarding this, please contact a vehicle inspection company.

Apply using our e-service or our application form

Make your application by using our e-service. Please note that you should print out and sign your application before sending it in.

Application for verification of origin

If you cannot or do not wish to use our e-service, please complete and print out the application form on your computer, or order it from our customer service for vehicle inquiries.


When you have submitted your application you will receive a case number and an OCR number that you will use to pay your application fee. Please note that if you use the e-service you need to print out and sign the confirmation of your application created at the end of your application.

If you use the application form a paying in form with an OCR number for the payment of the application fee will be sent to you by post once we have received your application form together with all other documents required for your case. 

Current application fee for verification of origin is SEK 1100.

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