Knowledge test for train drivers

Here you will find information on how to book an appointment for a test and information about what is required for you to take the test.

Book a knowledge test

You book an appointment for a test by calling the Swedish Transport Administration's customer service for a driving test on telephone number 0771-17 18 19.

If you are a training provider and book the test for an entire group, you must contact the relevant driving test office directly. Contact information for the driving test offices can be found on the Swedish Transport Administration's website.

Preparation for the test

When you have completed a training for the general professional qualifications for the train driver's licence, you must complete with a knowledge test at the Swedish Transport Administration.

To complete the test

In order to take a test for a driving licence, you must identify yourself with a valid form of identification. You must also present a certificate of education issued by your education provider.

The test time is 40 minutes and there are 60 questions, 5 of which are test questions. The maximum score is 55 points and the requirement limit for passing the test is 44 points.

After the test

Immediately after you have completed the driving licence test, you will know your result.

If you have answered some questions incorrectly, you will find out which subject areas apply.

If you have not passed the knowledge test, you have the right to take a re-test. You book retests in the same way as when you booked your knowledge test.

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