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On this page we have gathered questions and answers in the area of ​​flight training and licensing.


No later than final approach fix must the autopilot and flight director be disconnected.

Yes, a license endorsement is permitted, and expected by the examiner, for revalidation and renewal (if the instructor rating is printed in the license), (See EDD).


Yes you can have an SFI issued based on your valid TRI and you may also revalidate your SFI based on a TRI revalidation.

Theoretical training

You are entitled to get a refund for those exams you have not performed. The fixed examination fee is non-refundable.

First, request it from your flight school where you completed your training. You can also request a certificate from Transportstyrelsen, however there is a fee for it, currently SEK 500. If you like to request it from Transportstyrelsen, please send an email to elevanmalan@transportstyrelsen.se.

EASA has clarified that the 7 year validity period for theoretical knowledge examinations for the issue of an ATPL based on the last validity date of an IR entered in the license for airplanes or a helicopter's type rating entered in that license ended on December 31st 2020 when the England left the EU.

The ATPL theoretical knowledge examinations will remain valid for the issue of an ATPL for a period of 7 years from the last validity date of an IR entered in the license. If a UK-ATPL license holder had a valid IR on December 31 2020, he/she may have an ATPL license issued until December 31 2027 based on these examinations. E.g. for a UK-ATPL license holder (former EASA license holder), whose IR expired on June 30 2017, the last date to have an EASA ATPL license issued will be June 30th 2024. 

The ATPL theoretical knowledge examinations will remain valid for 36 months after the last exam Is completed and you can apply for reduced practical training during this period. 36 months after the last exam is completed, the exams have to be retaken. In other words, there is no possibility to convert a third country CPL-license to an EASA CPL-license without completing the full theoretical knowledge examination.

Other questions

The limitation will be removed on all typeratings in the pilot´s license.

The IR holder cannot exercise his/her IR privileges after August 25th 2020.

As long as the IR holder is within his/her expiry date for the IR, he/she must attend an approved PBN course at an ATO and perform an IR PC. This is not to be considered an IR renewal and the IR rating shall be extended by 12 months as usual.

The pilot must attend an approved PBN course at an ATO. The ATO must perform an IR renewal assessment and possible training. This must be followed by an IR PC and the IR rating shall be extended by 12 months as usual.

The PC is performed and the examiner may revalidate but the PBN privileges of the pilot shall not include RNP APCH. The restriction shall be lifted if the pilot has completed a proficiency check including an RNP APCH exercise.

An Advanced UPRT must successfully be completed at an ATO prior to starting the typerating course. This course can be done at any ATO approved according to EASA-regulations.

You have the opportunity to do a simplified validation for private operations according to TSFS 2018:13. This means that you only need to notify your intention to the Swedish Transport Agency and then have the opportunity to fly VFR on your class- or type rating for 12 months. You can also split these 12 months on a maximum of 12 occasions. These 12 months cannot be extended and can only be obtained once. Then you need to convert your licence.

Send your notification to certifikat.w3d3@transportstyrelsen.se and the following has to be attached:

  • your own application describing that you are applying for private validation and during which dates you will be flying
  • copies of the foreign license and the associated medical certificate
  • a passport copy.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive a response message from the Swedish Transport Agency.

NOTE! The licence and medical certificate shall be issued by an ICAO State in accordance with the requirements of Appendix 1 (Annex 1) to the Chicago Convention. The foreign license, including the medical certificate and class and type ratings, must be valid.

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