Additional information

The Swedish Transport Agency will sample skill test, proficiency checks or assessments of competence according to a published national oversight programme, (ARA.FCL.205(a)). If the supervision is unsatisfactory the Swedish Transport Agency will notify the competent authority that issued your examiner certificate.

The Swedish Transport Agency is not responsible for the examiner´s cost for administering the test(s). This is the responsibility of the examiner.

The Swedish Transport Agency does not reimburse the non-Swedish examiner for any performed test(s). This is the responsibility of the examiner.

Decisions made by a Swedish authority can be appealed to a higher administration for retrying. An appeal is normally made to the administrative court. A decision made by a non-Swedish examiner does not belong to the Swedish authority and can therefore not be appealed according to Swedish law. Although, the flight test forms which are sending to the Swedish authority can be a part of such solution.

If the non-Swedish examiner suspects that a pilot does not comply with the requirements of Part-FCL, Part-Med or any applicable operational requirements, the examiner shall immediately contact the Swedish Transport Agency.