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Here you will find information and instructions regarding, for example, interim registration, registration of aircraft, change of ownership and de-registration of aircraft. You can also search the aircraft register for information.

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Applicable fees for registration etc. (Swedish only)

Fee for keeping the aircraft on the register

The fee for keeping the aircraft on the register is SEK 750.

The Swedish Transport Agency will send invoices to owners/operators who have aircraft registered in our aircraft register. The fee for keeping the aircraft on the register will apply to any aircraft registered in the aircraft register, regardless of if it is airworthy or not. The owner who was registered as the aircraft's owner in the aircraft register on the 1st of January of the applicable year is responsible for paying the fee for keeping the aircraft on the register .

The fees that have been decided for services and products from the Swedish Transport Agency are calculated on the basis of the cost connected with the specific matter. The fee for keeping the aircraft on the register covers, amongst other things, operation, maintenance and costs for providing information from the aircraft register.

Who will receive the invoice?

If there are several registered owners, the mail recipient will receive the invoice. If there is a registered operator for the aircraft, they will receive the invoice.

Contact us

Please send any questions regarding invoices via email to lfr@transportstyrelsen.se We will handle and reply to all inquiries as quickly as we can.

Call us: +46 771 503 503

Read more about the Swedish Transport Agency's fees (Swedish only)

Turnaround time

How quickly your application is dealt with depends on how complete your application is.

The turnaround times for complete applicationsare approximately two weeks.

Contacts for Swedish aircraft registry

  • Magdalena Forssén
  • Christer Larsson
  • Fredrik Wallin
  • Kevin Wedin

Phone: +46 771 503 503
Fax: +46 11 18 98 35
Email: lfr@transportstyrelsen.se