Traffic permits

The following types of traffic require a permit from the Swedish Transport Agency:

  • Scheduled air service and charter between Sweden and a third country
  • Third country operators performing scheduled services and/or charter services between Sweden and countries within the internal aviation market and for domestic air transports. 
  • Overflights of Swedish territory, except for scheduled air services - if the right derives from a bilateral or multilateral agreement, or for flights other than scheduled air services by foreign aircraft - if the right derives from the Chicago Convention of 7 December 1944 on international civil aviation. 
  • Specialised operations which will be carried out in Sweden by air carriers or aircraft operators from a third country. 
  • Taxi flight intended to be carried out as a domestic flight in Sweden by a third country operator. 

Regulations on traffic permits

The Swedish Transport Agency has issued regulations on traffic permits and the exercise of traffic rights(TSFS 2017:70). 

The regulations contain a requirement which derives from the provisions in Commission Regulation (EU) No 452/2014 of 29 April 2014. The requirement is that all third country operators applying for a traffic permit must have an approval of safety from EASA, a so called TCO authorisation. TCO is an abbreviation for Third Country Operator.


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