Provisions on port services

On 24 March 2019, the EU Port Services Regulation[1] entered into force. The Swedish Act (2019:152) with supplementary provisions to the EU’s Port Service Regulation entered into force at the same time. This means that a previously unregulated market is now regulated.

One of the reasons behind the EU’s Port Services Regulation is the need to integrate ports into coherent transport and logistics chains, this way contributing to growth and to improving the efficiency and functioning of the trans-European transport network and the EU’s internal market. Modern port services will be crucial to this development, since they contribute to the efficient use of the ports and to a prosperous climate for investments. This will make possible a port development in line with present and future transport and logistics requirements.

The EU Port Services Regulation contains provisions on the right of access to port premises to perform port services, as well as provisions related to the financial transparency of port operations. In addition, the regulation contains a clear framework of transparent, objective and non-discriminatory provisions on the financing of port services and port infrastructure, and on the charging of fees.

Legal framework

Scope and complaints

The EU Port Services Regulation is applicable to all maritime ports of the trans-European transport network. The regulation also gives users and providers the opportunity to submit complaints within the areas regulated. Such complaints can be submitted to the Swedish Transport Agency.

In the Swedish ordinance SFS 2019:14, the Swedish Transport Agency is appointed to handle complaints according to Articles 16 and 18 in the EU:s Port Services Regulation. According to the same ordinance, the Swedish Transport Agency is the appointed relevant authority, as referred to in Articles 11.5, 12.3 and 13.6 of the EU Port Services Regulation. The Swedish Transport Agency may decide on the necessary injunctions, and an injunction may be combined with a penalty.

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