Temporary Pilot Exemption

One kind of exemption from the compulsory use of pilot in Swedish waters is called temporary pilot exemption.

The Swedish Transport Agency establishes regulations on pilotage in Swedish territorial waters. As a general principle, the use of pilot is compulsory in Swedish internal waters (landward of the baseline) based on the dimensions of the vessel and the cargo it is carrying. Valid regulations are found in The Swedish Transport Agency’s Regulations and General Advice on Pilotage.

The regulations stipulate the possibility to obtain exemptions from the compulsory use of pilot. One kind of exemption is called temporary pilot exemption. This exemption is issued to the master of a vessel and is valid at one specific occasion.

Applications for temporary exemptions shall be sent to the Swedish Transport Agency. The master in person shall apply for a temporary exemption but may use a ship agent as his or her representative. At present, applications for temporary pilot exemptions are handled during regular office hours. Applications for temporary pilot exemptions should be made as early as possible before their intended use.

Applications for temporary pilot exemptions should be made by filling in the application form. If the application is made in another format the following information should be given:

  • Name of the master who applies for the exemption
  • Copy of the applicant’s nautical certificate
  • Ship particulars such as length, width and call sign
  • Actual draft
  • Cargo onboard
  • Area, port or berth where the exemption is to be valid
  • Point of time when the exemption is to be used
  • The applicant’s previous experience of the area where the exemption is to be used

Other relevant information may be attached.

The Swedish Transport Agency evaluates the application from a safety point of view. Consultation in the matter can be made with the concerned Pilot Area of the Swedish Maritime Administration. Shortage of available pilots is, however, not a ground to grant an exemption. Neither is a temporary exemption to be considered a replacement of a fairway specific exemption. In most cases, a temporary exemption is granted for shorter shiftings along a berth or between berths in a port. A temporary exemption can be issued with special conditions.

The decision regarding an exemption is sent to the applicant or, if relevant, to the applicant’s representative. The representative has to make sure that the applicant receives the exemption and accepts the conditions for its use.


Note: The fees charged by The Swedish Transport Agency for a temporary PEC, refer to the handling of the application. This means that the fee shall be paid irrespective of the resulting decision (granting or rejection). The fee is based on a hourly rate of 1 400 SEK.


Applications for temporary Pilot Exemption Certificates are to be sent to:

Swedish Transport Agency
Civil Aviation and Maritime Department
SE-601 73 Norrköping

Telephone no: +46 771 503 503
Fax: +46 11 23 88 12
E-mail: pec@transportstyrelsen.se