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Assessment of Competence Instructor Sailplane, initial issue and recency

Blanketter / Blanketter för luftfart

This form is intended for pilots and examiners at the initial issue and recency of an Sailplane instructor rating. For FI/IRI/CRI on helicopter and aeroplane

Application for Verification of Origin

Blanketter / Blanketter för vägtrafik

Application for Verification of Origin.

Application for a driver's licence - Have you previously had a train driver's licence?

Railroad / Train driver

To apply for a train driver's licence

To be able to apply for a train driver's licence, you must be 20 years of age or, if there are special reasons for it, 18 years of age.

You must attach a number of documents to your application...

Registered professional importer and professional manufacturer

Road / Fordon

Anyone importing a large number of vehicles that have become registered in the Swedish Road Traffic Registry or who is the representative of a foreign

Driving licence categories

Road / Körkort

Age requirements and the vehicles you may drive with the different licence categories.

Self-assembled trailer

Road / Fordon

Here you may find information for those who have built a trailer but are not registered with the Swedish Transport Agency as a professional manufacturer

The vehicle was acquired from the Swedish Armed Forces

Road / Fordon

Here you may find information on how to register a vehicle acquired from the Swedish Armed Forces (an army vehicle).

Notification of safety delegates

Blanketter / Blanketter för sjöfart

BASA TIP-L Part FCL licence application form

Blanketter / Blanketter för luftfart

This form is to be used for the application and skill test(s) for the issue of PPL, SEP, MEP, night rating and/or instrument rating, based on the equivalent

FAQ flight training and licensing - I have a rating or certificate on my third country licence, is it possible to get credit towards the required training hours

Aviation / Certifikat och utbildning

On this page we have gathered questions and answers in the area of ​​flight training and licensing.