Type approval

Type approval may be granted for whole vehicles, for a component, system or separate technical unit included in the vehicle.

Information from the Swedish Transport Agency (STA)

Availability of STA during the summer of 2024

Between 08 July to 09 August we will have a reduced capacity, due to summer vacations.

Availability of STA during Christmas and New Year 2024

Due to the fact that 2024 is a year when many of the holidays related to this period of the year occurs during weekdays, we will be closed from 21 December to 01 January 2025.

Suggested ways of mitigating this

We appreciate proactive communication between you and us, in order to reduce the impact of our temporarily reduced capacity.

Please contact us on one of the e-mail addresses listed below, depending on your query.

Questions related to type-approval applications.

Questions related to type-approval process.

Questions concerning COP, technical service, non-compliance or questions related to regulatory interpretations.

What is a type approval?

A type approval proves that a vehicle or a component type meets the applicable technical requirements. In Sweden, the Swedish Transport Agency is the approval authority. An international type approval granted by one EU Member state is recognized by EU Member States.

Learn more about type approvals

How to apply - the type approval process

In order to make the assessment of a type approval a smooth and time-efficient process, it is important that the application and its attachments are correct the first time.

How to apply and how the process works

Application form

If you're already familiar with the process and the requirements that needs to be fulfilled, you can download our application form below.

Application for type approval number.

The application shall be submitted to vag@transportstyrelsen.se. In return you will receive an autogenerated notification. If this notification is not received, please contact us.

Remember to submit only one application per e-mail. It facilitates our handling and allows us to process your case faster.

Conformity of Production

If you receive a type approval your produced product must continue to conform with the approved type. We or a designated technical service (category C) will carry out a revision (Conformity of Production) to verify that you are able to manufacture your product in accordance with the type approved product.

After a revision, we issue a CoP-clearance with an expiry date. Before we issue a CoP-clearnace we need documentation of the revision and invoice information.

Application form for Invoice information for Conformity of Production

Before the CoP-clearance expires, a new CoP-revision needs to be conducted. This requirements is applicable for all type approvals, both EU and UNECE-regulations.

In-service Conformity

Emission conformity is not only covered by the type approval itself, but continues throughout the life of the product. There are several types of in-service activities that are performed after a vehicle is put on the market.

To learn more about In-service Conformity, In-service Verification and In-service Monitoring or read or ISC reports, see our page In-service Conformity.

Fees for EU type approval activities

In accordance with regulation (EU) 2018/858, the Member States may charge fees for type approval activities and for designation and monitoring of technical services.

Read more about fees and charges. 

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