Parking tickets

Here you will find information about parking tickets, how to pay them, and what to do if you think your parking ticket is incorrect.

The Swedish Transport Agency administers the parking tickets issued by municipalities and the police on a municipality’s streets and public roads.

We do not administer sanction fees (for illegal parking on private land) issued by landowners or private parking companies. If you have questions about this, you need to contact the landowner or parking company.

Who does what?

Municipality and police

The municipality and police issue the parking tickets administered by the Swedish Transport Agency.

The Swedish Transport Agency

When a parking ticket has been issued by a municipality or the police, we monitor that the payment is received within the prescribed time, send reminders, and hand over unpaid cases to the Swedish Enforcement Authority.

The Swedish Police

The Swedish Police handle corrections and contested parking tickets.

Information about parking tickets

How to pay the fine

It is the person who is registered as the owner of the vehicle at the time of the parking violation who is responsible for paying the fine.

Payment must be made within eight days of the issuance of the parking ticket.

The payment must be made to: 

  • Bank giro 5051-6905.

Payment by bank transfer can normally only be made via a Swedish bank or payment intermediary.

If you use a foreign bank or payment intermediary, you can find the information you need at Paying from abroad.

When paying, you must enter the OCR/reference number that appears on your parking ticket.

What happens if you don’t pay?

Here’s the process we follow for parking fines that remain unpaid:

  • A parking ticket is issued – the payment period is eight days.
  • We send out the first reminder, a warning (without an increased fine) – with a 21-day payment period.
  • We send out the second reminder, an order (with a fine increase of SEK 150) – with a 21-day payment period.
  • We hand over the case to the Swedish Enforcement Authority for enforced collection.

Keep in mind that reminders and other measures are sent to the owner of the vehicle. For example, if you rented a vehicle, you should contact the rental company and inform them that payment has been made.

Do you think a parking ticket is incorrect?

The Swedish Police are responsible for corrections and contested parking tickets.

If there are obvious errors in the parking ticket, e.g., the vehicle’s make is incorrect, you can apply for correction. 

If you believe that the parking ticket has been issued incorrectly, for example that you paid the parking fee or parked correctly according to the signs on the site, you can contest the parking ticket via the Swedish Police’s e-service or by using a form.

Read more about correcting and contesting a parking ticket on the website of the the Swedish Police.

Where can I find information about road signs and parking rules?

Answers to questions about road signs and general traffic rules can be found in the brochure Stopping and parking.

If you have questions about what applies in a particular place, you can contact the responsible municipality.

Parking ticket or sanction fee?

The Swedish Transport Agency only administers parking tickets issued on roadways by a municipality or the Swedish Police.

Sanction fees are issued on private land and are administered by the landowner or by a parking company that supervises incorrect parking on behalf of the landowner. We cannot answer questions about issued sanction fees. Instead, you need to contact the issuer, as stated on the sanction fee notice.

How to get a refund

If you successfully contest a parking ticket or request its correction, the money you paid will be refunded.

If you have a Swedish bank account, we can make the payment through Swedbank, which has a register of accounts reported from their own system, from other banks, plus giro, personal accounts, and private giro accounts. If there is an account registered in your name, the money will be transferred there. With the help of BankID, you can register your account with Swedbank and redeem a received payment slip at

If Swedbank has a bank account or plus giro/bank giro on file for you, we will use it for future refunds, including for other taxes and fees that we administer.

Do you only have a foreign bank account? Please contact our Customer Service for Vehicle Questions

Do you have questions about parking tickets?

Is the question about paying a parking ticket or payment reminders? Please contact our Customer Service for Vehicle Questions.

Is your question about the parking violation or about the accuracy of the parking ticket? Contact the issuer of the parking ticket. The issuer’s details must be stated on the parking ticket.

Is your question related to correcting or contesting the parking ticket? Contact the Swedish Police.