Off-road motor vehicles

An off-road motor vehicle is a motor-driven vehicle that is mainly used for passenger or freight transport off-road. Off-road motor vehicles are divided into off-road vehicles and off-road scooters.

It is forbidden to drive motor vehicles in terrain as a general rule, but there are exceptions. The exceptions apply if it takes place in connection with agriculture or forestry and in connection with certain professional practice. Contact the county administrative board (Länsstyrelsen) or the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) for questions about driving in the terrain.

Off-road scooters and light off-road vehicles may not be driven on public roads only on secondary minor roads, but there are exceptions. Anyone who, when driving such an off-road motor vehicle, needs to cross a road that is not a secondary minor road may do so via the shortest appropriate distance. The same applies if, in view of the terrain conditions, it is necessary to travel on the road. When driving on the road, the vehicle may be driven at a maximum of 20 km/h.

Heavy off-road vehicles on wheels may be driven on roads, including public roads.

A driver of an off-road motor vehicle driving out of the terrain must stop the vehicle before driving out onto a road. The driver must give priority to road users on the road.

Please refer to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) for further information regarding off road driving.

Motor traffic in nature (at Swedish Environmental Protection Agency webpage)

Outdoor recreation (at Swedish Environmental Protection Agency webpage)

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