Self-assembled trailer

Here you may find information for those who have built a trailer but are not registered with the Swedish Transport Agency as a professional manufacturer.

Enclose the following documents to your application

1. Application

You may either send us a signed confirmation of your application that you create using our e-service or an application form which you complete by hand.

You should select the category 'the vehicle is self-assembled' in your application for verification of origin.

2. Application form for a vehicle identification number

A completed application form for a vehicle identification number for self-assembled trailers.

3. Written report on how production was carried out

A written report where you describe how the vehicle was manufactured and what parts have been used to manufacture the vehicle.
Purchase documents for larger parts from which the trailer has been built

For trailers these parts would be:

  • frame material
  • axels
  • surge brake system

If parts from a whole vehicle have been used, the vehicle's registration number or other information specific to the vehicle's identity should be stated on the purchase document.

How to apply

Complete the Swedish Transport Agency’s application forms and send them in. Attach any other documents required for the application.

Here you may find the form for

Application for verification of origin

Application for a vehicle identification number

If you prefer completing the forms by hand, you may order the forms by contacting our customer service for vehicle inquiries.

Do not use the e-service

Please note that you cannot use the e-service when you apply for verification of origin for a self-assembled trailer, as you do not have a vehicle identification number for the vehicle.

Application fee

Once we have received and registered your application we will send you a paying-in form with an OCR number for payment of the application fee by post.

Current application fee for verification of origin is SEK 1 240.

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