Choose the category miscellaneous for your application for verification of origin when no other category fits the vehicle.

You may select ‘miscellaneous’ if you have bought or taken over an unregistered vehicle from, for example, a compulsory auction, sale of lost goods from the Swedish Police or equivalent. You may also select ‘miscellaneous’ for vehicles manufactured by a professional manufacturer that have only been used unregistered – for example airport vehicles, mining vehicles or cross motorcycles.

Enclose the following documents to your application

1. Application

If you have applied online, using our e-service, you should send us a signed confirmation which you received by e-mail after completing the application. Otherwise, you should complete and sign an application form manually.  

Please note that you should select the category ’miscellaneous’ for your application for verification of origin.

2. A vehicle document

There are a variety of vehicle documents and which document to send in varies depending on if the vehicle is new or if it has been registered previously. Please read through the following options to see which certificate applies to you.

you should send us the original registration certificate. If there is more than one part issued, all parts of the registration certificate should be sent in.

View some samples of registration certificates from:

(i.e. does not have a previous permanent registration) and is WVTA (Whole Vehicle Type Approval)  certified you should send in the original Certificate of Conformity (CoC). This certificate is issued by the manufacturer.

View some samples of CoC documents.

you should send in a copy of the manufacturer’s certificate.

This certificate is issued by the manufacturer or the general agent and should as a minimum include

  • name of manufacturer
  • commercial name
  • date of manufacture
  • vehicle identification number

Please note that the vehicle inspection company may require more information at the registration inspection. The original certificate should be brought to the registration inspection. View some samples of manufacturer’s certificates.

you should send us the CE certificate which states that your vehicle complies with a valid machine directive. This certificate is issued by the manufacturer and is often found in the vehicle’s manual.

The original certificate should be brought to the registration inspection. View some samples of CE certificates.

there might alternatively be a certificate of individual approval from another country issued for this vehicle. If such a certificate has been issued you should send it in together with your application for verification of origin.  

Please note that such an approval must be approved separately by the Swedish Transport Agency in Borlänge to be considered as a valid document at a registration inspection.

Submit your application by using the individual approval form (in Swedish only)

3. Purchase document

A copy of the purchase document, receipt or other document that proves how the vehicle has come into your possession. The purchase document should contain information on who the seller and the buyer are, what has been sold and the date of the sale. Please note that the vehicle identification number (chassis number) or other information specific to your vehicle must be stated.

Other documents proving the identity of your vehicle or its true origin.

Apply using our e-service or our application form

Make your application by using our e-service. Please note that you should print out and sign your application before sending it in.

Application for verification of origin

If you cannot or do not wish to use our e-service, please complete and print out the application form on your computer, or order it from our customer service for vehicle inquiries.


When you have submitted your application you will receive a case number and an OCR number that you will use to pay your application fee. Please note that if you use the e-service you need to print out and sign the confirmation of your application created at the end of your application.

If you use the application form a paying in form with an OCR number for the payment of the application fee will be sent to you by post once we have received your application form together with all other documents required for your case. 

Current application fee for verification of origin is SEK 1100.

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