Step 4 - Apply for verification of origin

To make sure that your verification of origin will proceed as smoothly as possible, it is important that you send us the correct documents. Should anything be missing in your application, one of our investigators will contact you via letter.

There are two ways of applying:

You always have to send us:

  • Signed confirmation (if you have used our web service) or the application form.
  • The registration certificate from the country of origin, if one has been issued. When verifying its origin, we will check that the vehicle is free to be sold within the European Union and that the vehicle had been permanently registered in the previous country of registration. You should get the registration certificate from the seller.
    Please note that we need to have the originals of all parts of the registration certificate, if more than one have been issued, and that we will not return any original documents sent in. 
  • Sales document, receipt or similar documentation that shows how the vehicle became yours. You only need to send in a copy and you can conceal the price that you paid. The sales document should indicate that it constitutes a receipt, whom the seller and the buyer is, what was sold and the date of sale. Please note that an identification number (chassis number, VIN) or other specific information about the vehicle must be shown. You should get the sales document from the seller.

If you have imported your vehicle from a non-EU country, you also have to send us:

  • Proof of customs clearance. You can get this proof from the Swedish Customs Service, and it should show a customs ID and the vehicle's identification number. If you have cleared your vehicle through customs in another EU country, you will receive a proof of customs clearence there.

If the vehicle is not previously registered, you should also in some cases send us one of the following documents:

  • 'Certificate of conformity' (CoC). This means the vehicle's whole vehicle type approval. This applies if the vehicle is new (that is, lacks a permanent registration) and a certificate of this kind has been issued. You should get the whole vehicle type approval from the manufacturer or, in certain cases, from the general agent. Send us the original.
  • A manufacturer's certificate if a registration document or a CoC has not been issued for the vehicle. Send a copy to us. The Swedish Motor Vehicle Inspection Company requires an original manufacturer's certificate for heavy vehicles and for light and heavy trailers. You should get the manufacturer's certificate from the manufacturer or general agent.
  • A CE certificate if your vehicle is a new and unregistered all-terrain vehicle or snowmobile. You should get the CE certificate from the manufacturer, or in some cases the general agent. The certificate should show that your vehicle complies with a valid machinery directive. Send a copy to us, as the original will be needed at the registration inspection.

If you are applying for temporary registration, relocation goods or inherited property, you should also send us:

  • A traffic insurance certificate if you are applying for temporary registration in conjunction with your verification of origin. Apply for traffic insurance with your Swedish insurance company.
    More information about temporary registration
    Application for temporary registration for imports
  • Documentation verifying that you have lived abroad for at least 12 months if you are applying for relocation goods in conjunction with your verification of origin. To meet the demands for relocation goods, you also have to be able to show that you have owned and used the vehicle abroad for at least 12 months. For example, you can send us a copy of the traffic insurance you had while living abroad.
    Application for exemption for vehicle as relocation goods
  • Certificate verifying inheritance (for example, a will) if you are bringing in a vehicle classed as inherited property. You will also need to send us a copy of the death certificate.
    More information about inherited property
Please Note! Original documents that we require you to send us in conjunction with your application will be archived here at the Swedish Transport Agency. This means that we cannot return your documents.

When a vehicle imported from a EU/EEA country has been registered in Sweden, we are obliged to notify the country of origin of this within two months (according to directive 1999/37/EG). These notifications are sent by us every day via e-mail. When the authorities of the country of origin receive this message, they can de-register the vehicle in their country.

Send the form/confirmation and other documents to the Swedish Transport Agency, SE-701 96 Örebro, Sweden.

Remember that these documents are valuable! Contact the postal service that you use (Posten AB, Citymail AB, etc.) for information on how to send items of post containing valuable documents. If you send the documents as 'valuables', it will take an extra day for the item of mail to reach the Swedish Transport Agency. If you send them as 'registered mail', the documents will reach us the next day (Monday to Friday).

The application must be made by the vehicle owner

The vehicle owner must apply for a verification of origin. If a change of ownership occurs before the vehicle is registered with the Swedish Traffic Registry, the approved verification of origin will no longer be valid. The new owner must then make a new application for verification of origin, send in the new receipt and refer to the previous case concerning verification of origin.

Application fee and payment

The application fee for a verification of origin is SEK 1 100, which must be paid in advance. If you apply via our e-service, you will receive the payment information immediately and will be able to pay the fee before receiving the invoice. If you choose to apply using a standard form, you will be sent an invoice when we have received your form.

Please note that your bank may make an administrative charge for payments from abroad. This may result in the full application fee not being paid. Contact your bank to check whether there are any charges before paying from abroad. 

When you apply for a verification of origin, you must be able to answer the following questions:

1. Is the vehicle new or used?
The vehicle is only regarded as new if it has not had a permanent registration or been put in traffic in Sweden or another country.

2. Facts about the vehicle

  • Identification number (chassis number)
  • Make
  • Model year or vehicle year
  • Engine number (if you are bringing in a motorbike or moped)
  • Odometer reading (in kilometers)
  • Latest foreign registration number
  • Last country of registration
  • Category of vehicle (for example, passenger car, motorbike, bus)
  • Colour

3. Which import category should you choose?
When you apply for a verification of origin, you must state how you intend to bring the vehicle into Sweden ('import category'). You can choose from several different alternatives:

  • Import. If your application is for an imported vehicle, please select import as your category for verification of origin. 
  • Relocation goods. You are moving to Sweden from another country, and you have owned and used the vehicle abroad for at least 12 months.
    Note: If the vehicle has been brought in from another EU or EEA country, it is not usually necessary to apply for relocation goods to be approved at the technical inspection. This presupposes that the country of origin was an EU or EEA member when the vehicle was new.
  • Diplomat. The vehicle is imported by a person with diplomatic status in Sweden.
  • Inherited property. The vehicle has been inherited from a deceased person who lived abroad.
  • Re-import. The vehicle has previously been registered in Sweden by you, but you have since then had it registered in a non-EU country. Note that the Swedish Customs Service first has to approve the vehicle as re-import.
  • Miscellaneous. Choose this category if no other is suitable for your vehicle. Applies if you have purchased or taken over an unregistered vehicle from, for example, a compulsory auction, sale of lost goods from the Swedish Police or equivalent. A vehicle that has been manufactured by a professional manufacturer and was then used unregistered - for example, an airport vehicle, mining vehicle or cross motorcycle - belongs to this category.
  • Swedish armed force. In addition to the purchase document, a technical register extract should be enclosed with the application. The extract is issued by the Armed Forces at the time of sale and corresponds to the registration certificate of the vehicle. It must not be more than twelve months old and has to be verified in the original.
  • The veichle is self-assembled. If you have built the vehicle yourself, and you are not registered with the Swedish Transport Agency as a professional manufacturer, please read this information to find out which items you need to attach to your application for verification of origin. This varies depending on whether the application is for a car, motorcycle or trailer.

How long will it take?

We will start processing your case when we have received the documents that you have sent. Your case will not be approved until the application fee is booked in the Swedish Transport Agency's account for verification of origin. When the verification of origin is ready, you will receive a letter containing our decision.