Temporary registration when exporting new vehicles

What does 'new vehicle' mean?

'New vehicle' means a vehicle that has not been on the road in any country and which is either unregistered or has only been registered in the Swedish Road Traffic Registry in combination with an off road notification for the vehicle (that is, pre-registered). If the vehicle has been on the road for a day, it is regarded as used.

When can you apply?

Think carefully about whether you need a temporary registration in conjunction with exporting a new vehicle. It is not always necessary to have temporary registration if the vehicle is going to be transported abroad, for example using a car transporter. On the other hand, if you are going to drive the vehicle out of Sweden, you must either apply for temporary registration or come to an agreement with the seller that they will license the pre-registered vehicle for use and pay the vehicle tax and charges that will be incurred by licensing the vehicle for use.
A person who applies for temporary registration when exporting a new vehicle must live abroad or have their own place of residence here in Sweden, but is intending to move from Sweden within three months from the date on which the temporary registration was recorded. If the vehicle is registered in Sweden, the seller should give notice that the vehicle is to be deregistered at the same time that the foreign buyer applies for temporary registration.

Plates, decision and registration certificate

In the event of temporary registration, the vehicle will be given a new registration number. The Swedish Transport Agency will send a temporary registration decision, registration certificate and special number plates to the applicant's Swedish address. Bear in mind that you should always take the temporary registration decision with you when using the vehicle.

Term of validity

Temporary registration applies for three, six or twelve months depending on the period that you have chosen in your application. Twelve months will be registered if you have not stipulated any period in your application. The vehicle must be taken out of Sweden during the period of validity. However, if you live permanently in Sweden but intend to move, you must take the vehicle out of the country during the first three months. The period of validity cannot be extended. The special number plates must be destroyed when the period of validity ceases.  

The temporary registration ceases when the ownership changes. It may also be discontinued in advance, for example owing to registration abroad. The owner should then notify the Swedish Transport Agency of this in writing, preferably on the registration certificate. The special plates should be returned to the Swedish Transport Agency at the same time.

Use in Sweden

You may not use a vehicle with temporary registration for commercial transport. Even if the vehicle has passed a type inspection or registration inspection for temporary registration in Sweden, it might not satisfy the technical requirements in Sweden. When such an inspection is made, the vehicle will be allowed a number of technical exemptions at the inspection.
Do you live permanently in Sweden, but intend to move? These technical exemptions at the inspection cease to apply following the expiry of the three first months of the period of validity for the temporary registration and the vehicle may then no longer be used in Sweden.

Use abroad

The rules for how a vehicle with temporary registration may be used differ from country to country. For this reason, you should check what applies to a vehicle with temporary registration in the country or countries where you intend to use the vehicle.


You do not have to pay any charge for this kind of temporary registration, but bear in mind that there will be an additional cost for traffic insurance (does not apply to trailers).


The application should be made using a special form from us - Application for temporary registration - Export of new vehicle.

You can also order the form from Vehicle Enquiries on +46 (0)771-14 15 16.

You must be permanently living abroad or permanently living in Sweden but intend to move from Sweden within three months in order to be granted this kind of temporary registration.

Attach to the application:

  • a Swedish traffic insurance certificate for temporary registration or, for exports to other EEA countries: a 30-day insurance certificate issued in the country to which the export is to be made (does not apply to trailers),
  • an original certificate of compliance for a vehicle that has been EU-approved, or a Swedish type certificate, or registration documentation showing that the vehicle has passed a registration inspection within the twelve months prior to the application, unless corresponding details can be found in the Swedish Road Traffic Registry.

If you use a 30-day certificate for insurance when applying for temporary registration, note that the vehicle will become uninsured for the rest of the period of validity for the temporary registration (that is to say, from and including day 31, counted from the commencement date of the certificate), unless new insurance is taken out with a Swedish insurance company.

If the vehicle is registered in the Swedish Road Traffic Registry, the following should also be attached:

  • the original Swedish registration certificate with the notification of deregistration, signed by the seller,
  • the Swedish number plates (white with black text). 

The application should be sent to:
The Swedish Transport Agency
SE-701 81 Örebro, Sweden