Drones – unmanned aircraft

In order to facilitate the further development of drones while maintaining a high level of safety as drone use increases, new drone regulations were introduced on 1 January 2021. These regulations apply in all EU member states, but do not cover drones flown indoors.

Fly your drone in Sweden - Open category

Flying a drone in Sweden within the limits of the open category requires an operator-ID and drone license registered in an EASA member state.
Read more about the limits of the open category at EASA.

Before flying in Sweden, please visit the dronechart:

Before you distribute photographs, videos or other material that depicts Sweden's land areas from the air, you must apply for a Dissemination Permit from Lantmäteriet. The purpose is to protect information that is important for the total defence of Sweden.
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Have you received an invoice for the annual drone operator ID recordkeeping fee?

If you have received an invoice for the annual recordkeeping fee, it means that your operator-ID was still registered January 1st, 2024.

According to the Swedish Transport Agency's regulations on fees (TSFS 2016:105) (ch 10, § 7) the annual fee must be paid if the operator-ID was registered January 1st.

Swedish citizens with electronic ID can deregister at Drönarsidan.
Otherwise contact operatorsregistrering.dronare@transportstyrelsen.se to deregister.

Deregister prior to December 31th to avoid the annual fee for 2025.

Swedish Citizens

If you have a swedish personal number, your are registered at an address in Sweden and have a Swedish electronic ID you can log in at our e-service Drönarsidan. At Drönarsidan you can register and deregister your operator ID, you can also apply for and manage your drone license.

If you are registered at an address not in Sweden, you shall apply for an operator-ID and drone license in your country of residence (within EU).

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Sweden is a member state of the European Union, the same EASA regulations apply in Sweden as the rest of the European Union when flying in the Open Category.

An operator-ID and drone license registered in another European Union/EASA member state are valid in any EASA member state including Sweden.

If you do not already have an operator-ID and drone license, you shall apply for one in your country of residence.

Non EU-Citizens

If you do not already have an operator-ID and/or drone license registered in Sweden or another European Union/EASA member state, you can apply for one in Sweden.

If you have any other questions, contact luftfart@transportstyrelsen.se 

The regulations in short

  • Compulsory registration for operators of almost all drone types. Registered operators get an operator ID, that their drone must be labelled with. It must be possible to identify the drone from a distance using the operator ID. It must also be possible to determine the drone's geographical position as well as its altitude, speed and flight path. New drones shall be programmed with the operator ID.
  • Open category remote pilots must undergo training and take a test. Having passed the test, the pilot will get a drone licence, which allows to fly a drone. The drone licence is valid for 5 years. In association with the drone license there are a few things you need to be aware of:
    • You can pay via Swish (Swedish e-payment) or invoice only. At the moment, we cannot accept payment by credit card, nor Apple pay or Line pay. 
    • If invoice is selected it will be sent to you by regular post so it probably will take some time until you receive it.
    • The test is in Swedish only and will be sent by e-mail. It has to be completed within 24 hours including returning it to us by e-mail.
    • One test is included when you have paid the fee, 390 SEK.
    • The test can be sent out once everything is registered in our systems.
    • When you pass the test, a drone license is issued.

      Please be aware that the process from application to the issue of a drone license may take up to 90 days.

  • For drones weighing up to 25 kilos, no special permits from the Swedish Transport Agency are required. All you are required to have is a drone licence and an operator ID, as long as you follow the three basic rules of drone flying:
    - fly within your visual line of sight
    - no more than 120 meters above the ground
    - always in a way that does not put others in danger.
    Drones weighing up to 25 kilos are included in the open category. However, other permits may be required, such as a dissemination permit for images and video, from the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority (Lantmäteriet), or a permit from the nearest airport to fly within its control zone.
  • If the flight exceeds any of the limitations for the open category, you have to follow the rules for either the specific category or the certified category. This applies to a number of situations, e.g. if you wish to fly beyond your visual line of sight or higher than 120 meters, but also if you wish to fly close to people without their permission or over a crowd of people.

Find out more about the regulations, register as an operator and take the drone licence (Swedish language only). More detailed information in English about the regulations can be found at the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

See regulation (EU) 2019/947.

Declarations and operational authorisations for foreign operators

Are you a non-Swedish operator? You will find here relevant information about operational permits and declarations for drones. Please choose the option below that applies to you.

Information for EASA Member States

Information for third country operators

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