Cabin crew attestation (CCA) in case of name change, loss or theft

In the first instance contact the organization that issued the original cabin crew attestation (CCA) to help you with a copy / duplicate of the cabin crew attestation.

If the organization no longer exists another organization with approval to issue cabin crew attestation or Swedish Transport Agency can issue a CCA.

Cabin crew training organizations that have been approved to issue a CCA

If you contact the Swedish Transport Agency's licensing department to issue a cabin crew attestation. Following document need to be sent to

  • Application form TSL 7131
  • Copy of Passport / Id document
  • Copy of issued cabin crew attestatione (in case of name change, UK CCA)
  • Copy of the most recently completed training and examination document for the type or variants of aircraft made.
  • Copy of police report (in case of theft)

If you have completed initial training at an organization that does not have the approval to issue CCA you also need to send:

  • copy of initial training certificate
  • contact information to the organization provided the initial course

If you have a UK CCA issued before 1 January 2021 you can benefit initial training and examination. More information: UK Cabin Crew Attestation

We only accept Pdf files!

NOTE! The Swedish Transport Agency charges a basic fee for issuing cabin crew attestation. If a thorough review of documents need to be done, an additional fee for may be added according to chapter 2 §7 in regulation TSFS 2016:105

If another organization will issue the CCA, documents as above must be sent to organization or the documents that the organization requires according to there procedures for issuance of CCA.

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