Would you like to work with maintenance of aeroplanes and helicopters?

First, you have to get an education, your practical experience and then apply for a Part-66 licence. The licence gives you the opportunity to work in air carriers that have a European approval.

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The Swedish Transport Agency is the authority responsible for handling Part-66 licences. You need to have a Part-66 licence in order to work as flight technician maintenance personnel in companies that have a licence according to European rules and requirements.

In order to issue certificates of release to service of an aircraft, you must hold a Part-66 licence for aircraft maintenance. You will then work in a Part-M or Part-145 organisation or as a private technician.

  • In Sweden, a Part-66 licence is issued by the Swedish Transport Agency after you have fulfilled the requirements of basic training and basic practical experience. It is also the Swedish Transport Agency that renews and expands your licence.
  • A Part-66 licence is acceptable in all EU member states, which means that you can work in all of Europe.
  • A Part-66 licence in the categories B1 or B2 with one type included is according to ICAO, Annex 1.

You may apply for a Part-66 licence in any EU country. It is the civil aviation authority in the country in question that handles all your licence matters.

The requirements for getting a Part-66 licence are found in Part-66. In Part-66, you will find the requirements for basic training, practical experience periods, type training and practical type training. You will also find information on categories, rights and obligations. In the different supplements to Part-66, you will find information on the different modules that are required, and the criteria for basic examinations and type examinations.

In the menu, you will find information on how to apply for issuance, amendment or renewal of a Part-66 licence.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact an airworthiness inspector for Part 66 or part 147.

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