Temporary approval

If the conditions below are met, it is possible to apply for a temporary permit for operations with unmanned aircraft registered abroad:

  • You have a permit for operations with unmanned aircraft, issued in accordance with the regulations in the state of registry and by a competent authority.
  • All flights will be carried out within the pilot's visual line of sight.
  • The flights in Sweden will be going on for a maximum of three months.

This is a simplified permit, which will be based on the permit issued in the state of registry.

When applying for this permit, please submit the following information to the Swedish Transport Agency:

  • Name of the operator (company/organisation/private person)
  • Postal address and billing address (if different from the postal address)
  • Daytime telephone number
  • E-mail
  • Purpose and description of the flights covered by the application
  • Map of the flight area
  • Name of pilot(s) and description of their experience of flying this type of unmanned aircraft
  • Name of the person responsible for the application
  • Type and model of unmanned aircraft
  • Maximum operative take-off mass
  • Description of fail safe system (i.e. how are link failures dealt with?)
  • Confirmation that the applicant agrees with the regulations (TSFS 2017:110) governing the flying of unmanned aircraft in Sweden, and that the applicant can comply with these regulations
  • A copy of the state of registry-issued permit for operations with unmanned aircraft
  • A copy of valid insurance policy

The application shall be sent to: The Swedish Transport Agency, SE-601 73 Norrköping, Sweden, or
E-mail: luftfart@transportstyrelsen.se

When flying, the operational requirements applying to the category stated on the permit, are to be complied with. All operational requirements for category 2 (7-25 kg) are found here.
The complete rules and regulations are found here (Swedish only).

The fee for an issued temporary permit for operations with unmanned aircraft is 1400 SEK per hour and will be invoiced after issuance.