Apply for a permit to fly unmanned aircraft - drones

Information about the application process

You need to apply to the Swedish Transport Agency for a permit if the unmanned aircraft weighs more than 7 kg and you want to fly it beyond your visual line of sight. The same goes if you do not fulfil the requirements for category 1.

You can apply for a permit for one or several categories. The permit is an operational permit granted to the organisation or person responsible for the operations. Several pilots and aircraft types may then be registered under the same permit.

Information about the application process and the conditions that apply to the different categories are shown separately for each category.

  • Category 2: 7–25 kg, flying within the pilot's visual line of sight
  • Category 3: 25–150 kg, flying within the pilot's visual line of sight
  • Category 4: flying beyond the pilot's visual line of sight
  • Category 5: special permits

Temporary approval of operators with permit from another state of registry

On certain conditions, it is possible for an operator with a foreign permit to apply for a simplified temporary approval, permitting them to fly in Sweden.

Exempt operations

The Swedish Transport Agency's Regulations (TSFS 2017:110) on Unmanned Aircraft do not apply to the following activities: customs, police, search and rescue, firefighting and coast guard operations, or accident investigations. These activities instead shall be carried out in accordance with special conditions issued by the Swedish Transport Agency. If the operations can be carried on in accordance with the requirements for category 1, it is not necessary to issue any special conditions.

Even so, the special conditions are usually based on the provisions of TSFS 2017:110, the premise being that the regulations applying to each of the unmanned aircraft categories will underlie the respective special conditions. There is, however, a possibility to adjust the basic requirements to better suit the operations concerned.

Apply for special conditions by e-mail to The following information should be included in the application:

  • Organisation data, including name of the person responsible for air operations.
  • The type of operations which will be carried out using unmanned aircraft.
  • The type of unmanned aircraft, and its maximum take-off mass.
  • Any relevant deviations from the rules.

Permits issued in accordance with previous rules will be valid until the period of validity stated on the permit expires.

How much does the permit cost?

More information about fees for permits to carry on operations with unmanned aircraft according to TSFS 2017:110, is found on Fees for unmanned aircraft.

How to pay

When the permit is sent to you, you will also receive an invoice covering the fee for examination of the application and, if there is one, the annual fee. You pay the annual fee for the remaining part of the year (the fee will decrease quarterly). An invoice for the annual fee covering one calendar year (1 January - 31 December) will then be sent to you at the beginning of each year.


The holder of a permit for unmanned aircraft operations is required to have an insurance in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 785/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 April 2004 on insurance requirements for air carriers and aircraft operators. However, no insurance is required if the unmanned aircraft is used for private purposes (model aviation) and weighs less than 20 kg. Still, our recommendation is that you take out a third party liability insurance, since a regular home insurance usually does not cover damages caused by drones.

The insurance shall be a third party liability insurance covering third party injury and third party property damage, and it shall amount to 750.000 SDR. SDR is a kind of exchange rate, with 1 SDR being equal to approximately 12 SEK. 750.000 SDR thus, is approximately 9 million SEK. If the insurance policy does not contain any reference to EC Regulation 785/2004, it shall instead be clearly stated that the insurance applies to the flying of unmanned aircraft and that the liability insurance amounts to at least 9 million SEK.

A prerequisite of being granted a permit is a valid insurance policy. Please state in your application if a permit number is required to take out an insurance. In that case, the Swedish Transport Agency will inform you of the permit number when the application has been examined.

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