To register distress beacons

Information about how to register distress beacons.

To register distress beacon type ELT406

When a fixed distress beacon type ELT406 is used in an aircraft, the owner or operator shall send the following information to the Swedish aircraft registry:

  • The aircraft's nationality and registration marks
  • Name, address and phone number to two contacts
  • Identification code (15 Hex ID)
  • Colour of aircraft

This is done by filling out the form Registrering av Nödradiosändare ELT406 MHz (L 1796) (ELT406 MHz Distress Beacon Registration). (Swedish only)

The aircraft's owner or operator shall on their own initiative send changes in registered information to the Swedish aircraft registry, so that the register can be updated.

To code a distress beacon

The ELT406 MHz distress beacon is programmed either with a code connected to the aircraft's nationality and registry marks, or to its ICAO 24-bit address. The coding of the distress beacons is done by avionics workshop

ELT406 MHz distress beacon required for new registrations

Aircraft with an MTOM (Maximum Take-off Mass) of more than 500 kg which shall be registered in the Swedish aircraft register shall be fitted with a fixed distress beacon, of the automatic type ELT406. Read more in Transportstyrelsens föreskrifter (2007:30) och allmänna råd om nödradiosändare (the Swedish Transport Agency's Regulations [2007:30] and General Advice on Distress Beacons) – Swedish only.

To register distress beacon type PLB

The aircraft's owner or operator shall register the distress beacon with JRCC (Joint Rescue Co-Ordination Centre in Gothenburg) if a distress beacon type PLB406 with GPS is used.

More about PLB

You can read more about programming and registration of PLB on the website of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS). You will also find application forms here.

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