An agreement between the Government of the Kingdom of Sweden and the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania relating to Air Services between and beyond their respective territories was signed in 1978.

The agreement was signed on 3 November 1978. 

Designation principle

Single designation 

Traffic rights for airline designated by Sweden

Point in Sweden (Stockholm) - Intermediate points (4 points in Europe, 2 points in the Middle East, 2 points in Africa) Point in Tanzania (Kilimandjaro and/or Dar es Salaam - Points beyond. 

The designated airline may omit to call at any point on any of the flights specified above, provided that the flight originates at a point within the Scandinavian countries. 

Points on which 5th freedom rights may be exercised are to be agreed separately between the aeronautical authorities. 

Capacity provisions

The right of a designated airline of either Contracting Party to embark or to disembark at a point in the territory of the other Contracting Party international traffic destined for or coming from third countries shall be in accordance with the principles that such capacity shall be related to:

(a) traffic demands between the territory of the Contracting Party designating the airline and the points on the specified routes;

(b) traffic requirements of the areas through which the airline passes, after taking account of the transport services established by airlines of the States comprising the area, and

(c) the requirements of an economic operation of the agreed services.