An air service agreement between the Government of the Kingdom of Sweden and the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia was initialled in 2011 between Sweden and Ethiopia. 

The agreement has not been approved by the Swedish Government or signed.

Designation principle

Multiple designation. EU-designation applies, which means that an airline established in the territory of Sweden under the EU Treaties, or under the Agreement on the European Economic Area, can be designated by Sweden if it holds an Operating Licence in accordance with European Union law or with national law adopted under the Agreement on the European Economic Area.

Traffic rights

The designated airlines have the right to operate in both directions between points in Sweden and points in Ethiopia (third and fourth freedom rights). The designated airlines are also allowed to perform fifth freedom rights to intermediate points and beyond points (the right to embark and disembark passengers, cargo and mail in a third country destined for or coming from points in the territory of the other Party).

Possibility to serve intermediate and/or beyond points.

Possibility to enter into code sharing also with a third Party.

Capacity regime

Each Party’s designated airlines are entitled to exercise full 3rd, 4th and 5th freedoms of the air with seven weekly frequencies for each passenger and all cargo services respectively with any type of aircraft.

Each Party shall allow fair and equal opportunity for the designated airlines of both Parties. Each Party shall take all appropriate action within its jurisdication to eliminiate all forms of discrimination or unfair competitive practices adversely affecting the competitive position of the airlines of the other Party. Neither party shall unilaterally limit the volume of traffic, frequency or regularity of service, or the aircraft type or types operated by the designated airlines of the other Party, except as may be required for customs, technical, operational or environmental reasons. Neither Party shall impose on the other Party’s designated airlines a first refusal requirement, uplift ratio, no-objection fee or any other requirement with respect to the capacity, frequency or traffic.