An agreement between the Government of Sweden and the Government of Egypt for the Establishment of Scheduled Air Services between and beyond their Respective Territories was signed in 1949.

There is an air service agreement between Sweden and Egypt from 12 December 1949. A new agreement was initialled on 9 December 2012, but has not yet been signed. It has been approved by the Swedish Government.

Designation principle

Multiple designation 

Traffic rights for airlines designated by Sweden

The designated airlines of Sweden have the right to operate in both directions between points in Sweden to points in Egypt.

Possibility to serve intermediate and/or beyond points.

The exercise of any 5th freedom traffic rights would have to be agreed upon between the aeronautical authorities of the Contracting Parties.

Possibility to enter into code sharing also with a third Party.

Capacity regime

The designated airlines of each contracting party on all passenger services are entitled to operate up to 14 weekly flights in each direction. In addition, airlines from both sides may operate without frequency or capacity limitation to or from the airports in Luxor, Hurghada, Aswan, Sharm-el-Sheikh, Taba, St. Catherine, Marsa Alam and El Alamein.

Designated airlines of each contracting party are entitled to operate one weekly all cargo flight in each direction.