A Civil Air Transport Agreement between the Government of the Kingdom of Sweden and the Government of the People´s Republic of China was signed in 1973.

The agreement was signed on 1 June 1973. A new Air Transport Agreement was initialled on 12 March 2010, it  has been approved by the Swedish government but is not yet signed.

Designation principle

Each Contracting Party have the right to designate one or more airlines.

Traffic rights for airlines designated by Sweden

The designated airlines of Sweden have the right to operate in obht directions between points in Sweden via intermediate points to points in Beijing and/or Shanghai and/or 3 additional points and any points beyond.

The exercise of fifth freedom traffic rights by the designated airlines on the above routes shall be agreed upon between the aeronautical authorities of the two Contracting Parties.

Capacity regime

There are restrictions in the capacity.

China has concluded a horizontal air service agreement with EU

EU’s horizontal agreement aims at bringing all Member States bilateral agreements with China to be in line with certain EU provisions. This means that some of the articles in the bilateral agreement between Sweden and China no longer applies, since they are replaced by the provisions in the horizontal agreement.