Marking of equipment

The regulations and general guidelines (SJÖFS 1999:8, reprinted 2003:2) contain two annexes with tables of equipment.

Annex 1 contains lists of equipment that must be type-approved and marked with the "conformity mark” in accordance with the regulations. There are detailed international testing standards for this equipment.

Conformity mark

Rattmärke med NB nr och år

The first four numbers are the number of the notified body that performed the type approval. The last two numbers indicate the year the label was applied to the product.

Equipment bearing the conformity mark must also have a type approval certificate with directives and regulations. The certificate is proof of the type-approval and is often issued for a period of five yers. This does not mean that products may no longer be used after five years or have to be replaced or that the certificate has to be renewed. The documents that accompany the product are verifications that the product has been type-approved and may be sold and placed on vessels.

Annex 2 contains a list of equipment that must be type-approved according to regulations but does not have to be marked with the conformity mark. There are not yet any detailed testing standards available for this equipment.

This equipment must also carry documents certifying that the equipment meets the standards given in Annex 2 for the product.