Application for tonnage measurement

The application must be made in writing by the ship’s master, owner, legal representative or, for ships under construction at a Swedish shipyard, the shipyard owner or client.

The application is made on a special form and sent to the Inspectorate Office where the ship is intended to measured. With regard to tonnage measurement abroad, the application should be sent to the Inspectorate Office located nearest the owner’s address. In urgent cases, advance notice should be made by phone. The address and telephone number are provided and on the form.

An application for measurement of a Swedish vessel subject to mandatory measurement that is under construction or conversion must be made as soon as the construction begins so that the measurement can commence before the vessel is equipped with machinery, insulation or other appurtenances that may impede interior measurement.

If a measurement process already applied for cannot be performed at the appointed time, the tonnage surveyor must be informed immediately.

Note that a previously measured ship must be remeasured (with an application for measurement as above) if changes have been made regarding arrangement, construction, capacity, use of compartments, the total permitted number of passengers, the established freeboard or the maximum draught in a way that may cause an increase of gross or net tonnage. The same applies to every change of the greatest length or breadth of the hull.


When the application for measurement is made, drawings of the ship should be submitted if possible. Other documents that may be found necessary shall be submitted or produced upon request. One copy each of the following drawings should generally be submitted with the application:

  1. General arrangement
  2. Body plan and lines drawing and/or off-set tables
  3. Midship section
  4. Profile and plan
  5. Drawings of all superstructures
  6. Capacity plan (cargo ships only)


A fee is charged for tonnage measurement and issuance of a Tonnage Certificate at the current rate (see the Swedish Maritime Administration’s regulations on rates, TSFS 2009:125. For tonnage measurements performed abroad the cost for travel and subsistence will be charged in addition to the rate.