Medical practitioners

According to international rules and regulations, everyone who works at sea must hold a special medical certificate.

Each country may design the medical certificate according to its specific needs, provided that the vision and hearing requirements are complied with.

The authorization 

Medical practitioners abroad must be commissioned by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs to be authorized to issue Swedish medical certificates for seafarers. Find here a list of foreign medical practitioners who are authorized to issue these medical certificates. If you would like to get an authorization to issue Swedish medical certificates for seafarers you may contact the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Issuance of Swedish medical certificates for seafarers

The Swedish Transport Agency is the authority managing the system for issuing Swedish medical certificate for seafarers. The system is called Medical Practitioner’s Web (Sjöläkarwebben). Medical practitioners approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may apply for login details to gain access to the system. To apply for login details, please contact the Swedish Transport Agency.

If you already have a login, you can log in to the system here:

Medical Practitioner’s Web  

Regulations and guidelines

Swedish Transport Agency  regulations relevant for medical practitioners can be found here: the Swedish  Transport Agency's Regulations (TSFS 2011:117) on Medical Certificate for Seafarers.

There is an international guideline for medical practitioners issuing medical certificates for seafarers. The Swedish Transport Agency applies this guideline. The document Guidelines on the medical examinations of seafarers can be found at the International Labour Organization's (ILO) website.

Contact the Swedish Transport Agency

If you have any questions regarding Medical Practitioner’s Web or the process of issuing a certificate, please contact the Swedish Transport Agency.