Driving licences from EEA countries

A driving licence issued in a state within the EEA is valid in Sweden as long as it is valid in the country where it was first issued and as long as it has not been exchanged for a Swedish driving licence. The driving licence is valid even if you are registered in Sweden.

If you have a driving licence issued in an EEA state, you may also supervise private driving practice if you meet the requirements to do so.

Exchanging a driving licence from an EEA country

In order to exchange your EEA state driving licence for a Swedish one, you must

  • have a valid driving licence
  • be a permanent resident of Sweden.

Find out more about permanent residency below.

How to apply

If you apply for an exchange of a driving licence with higher entitlements (C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D, DE), you may have to submit a medical certificate, or a health declaration and a certificate of visual examination. If that is the case, we will contact you when we have received your application.

If the Swedish Transport Agency approves your application, you will receive a decision requesting you to go to one of the Swedish Transport Administration's driving test offices to have your photo taken and provide your signature. Please bring an approved and valid identification document.

For your new driving licence to be produced, you must first pay the production fee of 250 SEK to the Swedish Transport Agency. A paying-in form will be enclosed with the decision sent to you. Your new driving licence will then be sent to you as a registered letter.
We will return your foreign driving licence to the authority from which it was issued.

What is permanent residency?

Permanent residency refers to a place where a person lives for at least 185 days every calendar year owing to

  • personal and professional connections, or
  • personal connection characterised by close ties between the person and the place where he or she lives.

If you live alternately in two or more states because your professional connection is not the same as your personal connection, your permanent residency will be the place to which you have a personal connection. This applies on condition that you go back there regularly.

However, if you are carrying out a time-limited task abroad, you need not go back regularly to the state where you have personal connections - you will be regarded as a permanent resident of that state anyway.

If you study at the university or any other educational institution, this will not affect your permanent residency.