Railway undertakings

Read more about forms of permit for railway undertakings and those who wants to procure infrastructure capacity.


A licence is the part of the permit that is issued for those companies that provide tractive power and conduct rail traffic, and which have their registered office or base in Sweden.

The appraisal checks professional knowledge, financial soundness and good reputation for this activity and that, by means of insurance or other equivalent arrangement, the company covers the liability for damages that may arise as a consequence of rail traffic. Licences issued in the EEA or in Switzerland are also valid in Sweden.

Safety Certificate part A and part B

The Safety Certificate part A shows that the company has a safety management system. Part B that the company satisfies the Swedish safety requirements, has rolling stock that is either approved in Sweden and/or fulfils the EU interoperability requirements and has sufficient liability insurance.

Companies that operate rail traffic in the EU/EFTA/Switzerland only need a licence and a safety certificate part A supplemented with a Safety Certificate part B for each country/network where the activity is carried on.

Special permit

A special permit may be granted to companies that intend to operate local or regional passenger traffic on independent railway infrastructure, for regional freight transport and for traffic in conjunction with the maintenance of railway infrastructure, insignificant traffic with historic rolling stock or other similar material.

Certified applicants

A permit may be granted for an organisation or a company that intends to organise but not itself operate rail services. Holders of this permit may apply to the infrastructure managers for infrastructure capacity. Possible candidates to be certified applicants are major purchasers of freight transport and county councils.

Operating metro and tramway services

Permits to operate metro and tramway traffic are applied for in accordance with the requirements set out in the Undergrounds and Tramways Safety Act (1990:1157). The requirements are similar to those for manager permits. The requirements for operating this traffic follow a similar model to those that apply to railway undertakings.

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