About the site

Here you will find general information about the Swedish Transport Agency's website.

Login to our e-services

Some of the e-services require identification. At the moment, you may identify yourself either using your authorisation code and your registration number, or your e-identification.

The e-services are currently available to private individuals and sole traders by the use of e-identification. Legal persons (limited companies, trading companies and non-profit organisations) cannot access these e-services using e-identification.

Our e-services are available in Swedish only.

The Swedish Transport Agency's app – My vehicles

In the Swedish Transport Agency's app, you may use our services to handle your matters or to get information about your vehicle(s) directly to your smartphone. You may also search for information about vehicles owned by other people.

The app is only available in Swedish.

Find out more about the app – My vehicles (in Swedish).

Web browser

The Swedish Transport Agency's web pages work best in modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. For this reason, if the outdated web browser Internet Explorer is the default web browser on your computer or your mobile device, we recommend you to change it for one of those mentioned above. This is what the majority of Swedish public authorities recommend.

Outdated web browsers are inadequate for modern web pages. As a result, the new digital services that we develop after 2020 will not work in Internet Explorer. In addition, we will not be able to offer you technical support if you access our website using Internet Explorer.

Change web browser by clicking on the link to one of the browsers below and follow the instructions. Answer "yes" when you are asked if you wish to change your default browser.

Recommended web browsers:

Download Google Chrome

Download Microsoft Edge

Download Mozilla Firefox

Download Apple Safari

If you use a computer owned by an administrator – for instance a work computer – and you are not allowed to change web browser yourself, ask your administrator to help you.


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