Accidents and near-misses

Accidents and near-misses (including the detection of safety defects) on Swedish railways, metros and tramways shall be reported to the Road and Rail Department.

Accidents and near-misses shall be reported to the Road and Rail Department´s emergency telephone line (+46(0)771 510 920, +46(0)746-46 31 85). 

The Swedish Transport Agency regulations TSFS 2011:86 and TSFS 2011:87 on the reporting of accidents and near-misses state what events must be reported.

If a serious accident occurs or nearly occurs, the Swedish Transport Agency reports the event to the Swedish Accident Investigation Board.

The Road and Rail Department uses the reported accidents and near-misses for its event-based supervision. Data from the reported events is also used to make risk assessments. The risk assessments are used as a basis for deciding which companies and areas the Road and Rail Department should concentrate its supervision on.