NOTEX 1 2021

Read Notex 6/2021

Read Notex 4/2021 Covid-19 update for examiners

Read Notex 3/2021 PBN, minimum required time for PC, TRI extension, the examiner handbook 

Read Notex 2/2021 New CPL(A) skill test form

Read Notex 1/2021 AUPRT regulations update

Read Notex 1/2020 Extension of ratings and certificates due to the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 (Corona).

Read Notex 2/2020 Valid ratings for SARS-CoV-2 (Corona) exemptions. 

Read Notex 3/2020 Proficiency check (PC) on license holders included by the exemption.


All examiners with a Swedish examiner certificate are required to visit Swedish Transport Agency's website on a regular basis to acquire any new information published. For other than Swedish examiner license holders, please take part of the information, as required, on this website prior to a test on a Swedish license holder. On the right side you will find links to the Examiner handbook, test notification and the forms. The NOTEX are various information published by the Swedish Transport Agency on a need to know bases.

An information subscription service is available in Swedish.

Swedish subscription service

For Swedish examiners

Certificates, approvals and licences issued in accordance with EASA requirements that are in effect on 31 December will remain valid under UK law for two years unless they expire sooner. This means in practice that someone with a Swedish issued examiner certificate may continue to exercise his/her privileges to the same extent as prior to December 31st 2020 as long as the certificate remains valid. To our knowledge, this is applicable until December 31st 2022. Please note! This only applies within the country UK.

Remember always to verify the latest information on the UK CAA website for the latest Brexit information

UK CAA website

Examiners for skill tests, proficiency checks and language assessment

All examiners certified to conduct skill tests, proficiency checks and assessments of competence can be found by using our e-service.

A list of language assessors can be found here:

If your contact information is incorrect, please contact Anneli Eklöf anneli.eklof@transportstyrelsen.se to update your information.