Flight training and licensing

Here you will find information regarding Aircraft maintenance personell, Examiners and Briefing on Non-Swedish Examiners.

Covid-19 exemption(s) update

The Swedish Transport Agency has decided that no more general exemptions, as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic, will be granted after March 31 2021. There is, as usual, a possibility to apply for an individual exception in accordance with Article 71 in the Basic regulation.

Brexit information for examiners, ATOs and pilots

Until December 31st 2020

In order to avoid misunderstanding, the Swedish Transport Agency would like to clarify that Swedish examiners may proceed to conduct skilltest, Assessment of Competence and Proficiency checks to the same extent as prior to Brexit on UK licence holders. There is no restriction on UK examiners performing skilltest, Assessment of Competence and Proficiency checks to the same extent as prior to Brexit on Swedish license holders. This information is valid until December 31st 2020 unless other information is published on the Swedish Transport Agency´s website.

From 1st January 2021

From 1st January 2021, the UK is considered a third country, which means that examiners, instructors, ATO/DTO that have an UK licence or certificate cannot be approved for training and examinations for licences, certificates and qualifications for Swedish licence holders. A pilot wishing to convert his UK licence to a Part-FCL licence must meet the conversion requirements set out in the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/723.

There are currently no credits or transitional provisions for pilots who hold a UK licence and wish to obtain a Part-FCL licence.

Latest information from UK CAA:

  • Because the UK is a Signatory State to the Chicago Convention, UK Part-FCL licences will continue to be valid for the operation of UK-registered aircraft.
  • The UK CAA will provide a document to all UK Part-FCL holders to confirm the legal validity of their licences should they be subject to a ramp inspection.
  • Pilots with UK licences who want to fly EU-registered aircraft after the transition period will need to have transferred their licence to another EASA member state (before December 31st 2020). For those who wishes to transfer his/her license to Sweden, it is perfectly fine to start the process as soon as possible. However, the transferred license will not be issued until after new year and please note that he/she may not exercise his/her privileges before the license is issued.
  • Pilots with EASA-issued licences required to operate UK-registered aircraft will require a UK validation, which will be available to pilots in late December 2020.

For more information from CAA UK, please contact them directly.

CA UK website

Examiners with Swedish examiner certificates

Contact the licensing office

For the moment, we now have significantly longer processing times about 25 workingdays, than the normal about 10 working days for complete cases involving flight crew licence and ATCO certificates (not medicine).

This is due to a high influx of cases in combination with a lack of resources.

We strive to reduce processing times as soon as possible. If it is difficult to ring us at telephone time, you have the opportunity to send an e-mail to our function mailbox. There the licensing officer continuously takes care of and responds to the messages that come to this box.

Licensing section, flight certificate - Here should be all questions regarding ongoing cases. Then refer to certificate number or case number (ex TSCERT2020-12234)


The Registry office - Here shall all documents that affect the certificate be sent to such as; skill test, ZFTT documentation, LIFUS, AOC, PC


Phone us at;

Phone number: +46 771 29 00 60 or +46 771 503 503

Phone hours: Monday - Wednesday * 9 am - 11 am

* As of November 18, the phone time on Thursdays and Fridays is closed.

Aircraft maintenance  

If you have questions relating to aircraft maintenance personnel and aircraft maintenance training, contact an airworthiness inspector for Part 66 or part 147 during normal business hours.

Conversion of UK Cabin Crew Attestation due to Brexit

If you need to convert your UK Cabin Crew Attestation to come under an EU authority due to Brexit, please see document below.

Cabin crew attestation conversion

Information about Electronic logbooks

Electronic logbooks are acceptable for all types of application provided they have been printed, signed and dated. The pilot or student pilot is required in accordance with FCL.045 to present, without undue delay, his/her flight time record for inspection upon request by an authorised representative of a competent authority.