Flight training and licensing

Here you will find information regarding Aircraft maintenance personell, Examiners and Briefing on Non-Swedish Examiners.

The licensing office is open for telephone calls

Monday-Friday 09.00–11.00
Tel: +46 771 503 503

If you have questions relating to aircraft maintenance personnel and aircraft maintenance training, contact an airworthiness inspector for Part 66 or part 147 during normal business hours.

Information regarding licence transfer in the light of Brexit

The Swedish Transport Agency has realised that it will not be able to finish the process for all pilots who have requested a transfer of licence and medical certificate from the UK before a possible hard Brexit. The consequence for these pilots is that they will not be able to fly aircrafts registered in an EASA member state after a hard Brexit. To enable these pilots to continue flying, the Swedish Transport Agency will offer the possibility to seek an exemption from the requirements regarding licence and medical verification, as this is the most time-consuming part of the process. This means that a pilot who is granted an exemption will be issued a Swedish licence and medical certificate, even though the licence and medical verification from the UK CAA has not yet been completed. However, the exemption will come with the following conditions.

  1. The verification process will be completed as soon as possible. If the Swedish Transport Agency finds that the licence, or medical certificate, issued by the UK CAA has exemptions or conditions unacceptable to the Swedish Transport Agency the transfer of licence will be stopped and the issued licence and medical certificate revoked.
  2. If the pilot knowingly provides incorrect or fraudulent information, the transfer of licence will be stopped and the issued licence and medical certificate revoked.
  3. The issued licence, associated ratings or certificate and medical certificate will be issued with the same expiry date as the ones held in the UK equivalent, up to a maximum of 8 months from the date of the exemption.

It is important to know that, if the pilot is subject to a ramp inspection, other member states may not recognize this exemption and may ground the pilot.

If you wish to seek the exemption explained above, please submit an application to certifikat.w3d3@transportstyrelsen.se and mark the subject as "Exemption regarding licence transfer due to Brexit".

The application will be subject to a fee of 1 400 SEK.

Information about Electronic logbooks

Electronic logbooks are acceptable for all types of application provided they have been printed, signed and dated. The pilot or student pilot is required in accordance with FCL.045 to present, without undue delay, his/her flight time record for inspection upon request by an authorised representative of a competent authority.