Inbjudan - Circular letter No.3160

Agenda item Doc. No Title Submitted by Date Received


Adoption of the agenda
CWGRM 5/1 Provisional agenda Secretariat 11/02/2011


Outcome of the Secretariat's risk management exercise 2010
CWGRM 5/2 This document draws attention to the limitations of the current risk analysis matrix and some definitions in the risk management process as identified in the report on the outcome of the 2010 risk management exercise carried out by the Secretariat, and makes proposals for amendments Secretariat 07/04/2011


Context Document required by the Risk Management Framework
CWGRM 5/3 This document provides the Context Document required by the Organization's Risk Management Framework, as endorsed by the Assembly, at its twenty-sixth session, together with proposed changes to update it Secretariat 07/04/2011


Report of the correspondence group on possible expansion of the Risk Management Framework
CWGRM 5/4 Report of the Correspondence Group United States 12/04/2011


Any other business
CWGRM 5/5 Report of the Joint Inspection Unit Secretariat 11/04/2011


Consideration and adoption of summary of decisions
CWGRM 5/INF.1 LIST OF PARTICIPANTS Secretariat 06/05/2011

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